For marketers, the web is a two-edged sword.

The web enables you to engage your audience with depth and nuance. But along with its strengths come challenges:

  • Unlike traditional media, the web demands regular care and feeding;
  • Writing for the web means adjusting to the fact that people are more likely to scan content than read it;
  • Web technology evolves rapidly.

For small communications departments that are already too busy, the addition of a website, a blog or an email campaign can be overwhelming.

Since 1997, I’ve worked with businesses and nonprofits that have lacked either the resources or the expertise to design, implement, and sustain an online strategy. You can see a current example here.

How may I help?

If you’re thinking an independent contractor might get you over the online hump – and something I write rings a bell – please drop a line.

I work best in long-term, collaborative relationships. If your needs are short-term, I’d be happy to refer you to folks who will do a bang-up job for you.