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Another Chrysler surprise

Once I finished reading about the new Beats audio system in my 300s tester, with its trunk-mounted dual-voice coil subwoofer and 12-channel 552-watt amplifier, I grabbed my latest noisy acquisition and headed straight for the driver’s seat. Where I looked for the CD slot. And looked. And looked again. Ten minute’s of reportorial-style digging later, I’d learned only that Chrysler appears to be phasing out the CD player. None of the three available audio systems seems to include a CD player. Not even the 19-speaker H/K Logic7 system with its GreenEdge 900-watt amp and 32-volt Tracking Power Supply/(TPS). All that gear, with no CD player in sight, though I have seen one in photos. Look closely and you’ll set it just below the touch screen: 300-cd_player I’ve only seen this once before, in a 84-horsepower, $15,000 Chevy Spark, where both weight (7 lbs) and cost were a concern. Neither amounted for all that much in my $35,000 300S tester.