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Chrysler Surprise v.2

I spent more of Saturday than I should have researching the Chrysler Chrysler 300's Uconnect system doesn't include a CD player.300 CD mystery. In an earlier post, I mentioned my surprise that my Beats-equipped 300S tester didn’t have a CD player.

Other than this photo, downloaded from Chrysler’s media website, I could find nothing to suggest the 2015 300 can even be ordered with a CD player. I fired off an email query to Fiat-Chrysler’s West Coast media guy, who wrote back:

Wow, you are correct, no CD player for 300!

Chrysler substitutes a Media Hub that includes an SD card slot, a USB port and an auxiliary input.

Recent research suggests that buyers are growing increasingly features-aware. In its most recent evaluation of consumer behavior,  the automotive research and ratings firm J.D. Power, said, “New-vehicle buyers indicate they avoided a model because it lacked the latest technological features at a rate of 15% in 2015, up from 4% in 2014.”

Will Chrysler’s bold CD move influence buyers away from the brand? Or, is the company channeling Steve Jobs, who changed the computer industry when he effectively killed the floppy drive with the 1998 debut of the (floppy-free) iMac?