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Road trip!

This afternoon, we pull out of Dodge in a 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. heading for the wilds of deepest Southern Utah. My father grew up in a tiny Mormon community called Orderville, which is located just outside Zion National Park, and we’re going down for the semi-annual Adair-Esplin family reunion.

This is one of my favorite drives. From Spokane, we’ll head east and cross the panhandle of North Idaho. At Deer Lodge, Montana, we’ll head south, and trace the spine of the Rocky Mountains into the great agrarian reaches of Southern Idaho.

Until it reaches Utah, Interstate 15 is one of the least populated stretches of freeway I’ve driven. The Montana portion of the drive will take us through broad valleys rimmed by saw-toothed peaks. This time of year, we’re regularly drenched by rainstorms, which sweep like gray curtains across the wide-open spaces.

By nightfall tonight we’ll be in Southern Idaho. We’ll spend the night in Idaho Falls before setting out tomorrow for the Utah portion of the trip. Mid-day tomorrow, we’ll pass through the Salt Lake City region, hemmed in by the Wasatch Mountains the the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west.

We’ll alight in Orderville tomorrow evening for a gathering of the clan and spend the next couple of days hiking, swimming and catching up with family,

Meanwhile, we’ll be taking the measure of the all-new Alltrack. With its all-wheel-drive platform and elevated ride-height, the Alltrack is pretty much the perfect rig for this trip, which will culminate in a remote cabin (no running water! no power!) we’re renting for the weekend. More on that, and on the new VW, when we return next week.

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